Old time New Burner 


The best Indian drink that gives you instant freshness and mind peace #roohafza 

In this I tried it with lil bit of over expouser and black and White is post processed 




So the spider was webbed 😱😱😱

Desi Wrist Bands 

Hii to Every one this is Vinki with another picture related to Jodhpur  (जोधपुर )  . This it related to the wearables of Shadi (Marriage) 

It is the famous desi wrist band of  Jodhpur ‘s marriages without it the people of here don’t believe that their is wedding happening 

In Marwari is called (कोकण डोरा)  And I my language it’s Desi wrist band  😉😉

And  on the main point this picture is grabbed inside the city of Jodhpur . As we all know it’s fully traditional and fantastic place to have marriage 😉😉

Camera = iPhone 6